Language: English
Published: 2023
Publisher(s): Greenhood Nepal with the support of the United States Embassy in Kathmandu
Product Code: GC01

The Heat is On: Climate Change stories from Koshi Basin

Neelima Vallangi, Kumar Paudel

People across Nepal have felt climate impacts in one way or the other. But the difficulty in understanding climate science and the complicated implications of climate change hinders people and governments from making informed choices to secure the future of our society and nature.

In this book, the authors have travelled along the Koshi River, from the plains of Koshi Tappu to the highlands of Helambu, to uncover diverse examples of how climate change is affecting people and their livelihoods. Through intriguing issues like the march of invasives in Koshi, the drying river of Kavre and the fruitless apple trees in Helambu, the authors weave emotional human interest stories with complex climate science. Written by a climate journalist and conservationist, this book is a collection of climate impact stories that will lead the reader towards gaining a deeper understanding of the gravity and urgency of the climate crisis. This may be a depressing read, but readers will find this is also an essential read to learn how to live in an inescapable, climate-changed world.

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