Language: English
Published: 2019
Publisher(s): Greenhood Nepal
Product Code: GY3

Sustainable Harvest Guideline for Yew Trees

Taxus species are threatened across Nepal, and unsustainable harvesting is likely the primary reason behind the scenario. To address the challenge, Greenhood Nepal conducted a series of discussions with the stakeholders ranging from policymakers, researchers, and practitioners, including forest authorities, people practising cultivation, harvest, and trade of Taxus. As a result, the Sustainable Harvesting Guideline of Taxus species was developed and distributed among host communities. The guidebook is envisaged as a guiding document for the conservation and sustainable management of endangered yew species. It aims at providing general understandings of the distribution, importance, and standard techniques for scientific cultivation and harvesting of yews. This can be a helpful tool to the communities and people practising yew cultivation, harvest, and trade.

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