Language: English
Published: 2019
Publisher(s): Greenhood Nepal
Product Code: GY2

Maire’s Yew of Kavrepalanchok

Kavrepalanchok is one of the six districts known to host globally vulnerable Maire’s Yews in Nepal. However, the information regarding its distribution, population, cultivation, and harvesting practices in the district is lacking which was affecting the species conservation planning to an extent. Therefore, an assessment to collect baseline conditions was worthy for which Greenhood Nepal in collaboration with Divisional Forest Office published the information booklet. Maire’s Yews of Kavrepalanchok was prepared in the form of a booklet after the estimation of the wild populations of endangered Taxus mairei in the Kavrepalanchok district of Nepal. The booklet presents the general understandings of the species, distribution, wild population, and conservation urgencies within the district. It aimed to help the species conservation process via information sharing to communities and concerned authorities.

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