Language: English
Published: 2019
Publisher(s): Greenhood Nepal
Product Code: GT4

Globally threatened turtle species of Nepal

Turtles have important role in maintaining a healthy aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem. They act as scavengers by feeding on dead and decayed matter and sick animals. Carnivorous turtles feed on insects that might cause disease to human and livestock while herbivorous turtles feed on weeds and control the excessive growth of weeds. Turtles help in seed dispersal and germination by feeding plant seeds. Turtles have also played a crucial cultural role in human history, as they have been portrayed in art and used as symbols of vigor and longevity in many communities. Loss of turtles would not only lead to widespread biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation; it would also destroy a significant part of our culture. Thus, this poster is for raising awareness on the conservation status of turtles of Nepal.

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