Language: English
Published: 2020
Publisher(s): Academic Press
Product Code: GP1

Community conservation in Nepal: opportunities and challenges for pangolin conservation

Ambika P Khatiwada, Tulshi Laxmi Suwal, Wendy Wright, Dilys Roe, Prativa Kaspal, Sanjan Thapa, Kumar Paudel

This chapter highlights Nepal’s successful approach to conserving high-profile trafficked wildlife (e.g., rhinoceros) within protected areas and explains why a community-led approach to conservation is necessary for the protection of the country’s pangolin populations, which occur largely outside of the protected area network. Nepal’s pangolins occur primarily in forested areas, which are managed locally and not by government agencies. Key challenges for successful pangolin conservation in Nepal are presented, with examples of successful case studies from community-based conservation projects across the country. These case studies exemplify the key challenges to pangolin conservation in Nepal and demonstrate common themes related to success.

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