Taxus tree species are important medicinal plants as a source of both Taxol (a product used globally to treat cancer) and traditional remedies in Ayurveda, Unani, and Tibetan medicine. Nepal hosts three Taxus species: T mairei, T. wallichiana, and T. contorta. Each species has a distinct geographical range in Nepal with wild populations of T. mairei reportedly confined to the mid-hills of central Nepal. T. mairei is listed as Vulnerable in the global IUCN Red List and we have less than 1000 mature trees remaining in the wild in Nepal. This project will generate information on the threats, sex ratio, and habitat assessment to locate the remaining yews in the wild. Additionally, the project will develop and undertake a series of awareness-building sessions for local and central-level stakeholders that will enable to develop strategies to save and facilitate the recovery of this uniquely irreplaceable part of the world’s biodiversity.

Partner: ZSL EDGE Fellowship, Fondation Franklinia

Project period: 2022-ongoing

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