Orchids are one of the most charismatic and largest families of flowering plants with around 30,000 species recorded globally. They are subject to heavy trade for multiple uses including ornamental, food, and medicinal values. Moreover, they are also at risk of habitat fragmentation, destruction, and external stresses. The commercial-scale harvest and trade coupled with habitat destruction, lack of awareness, and climatic stressors are increasing pressures on wild orchids globally including in Nepal which hosts over 500 species of orchids. This includes the critically endangered Gastrochilus calceolaris also called Shoe-Shaped Gastrochilus. Gastrochilus calceolaris is endemic to Nepal and Critically Endangered as per the global IUCN Red List status. The global status shows that its population is decreasing due to intense fragmentation, and habitat destruction and hence it requires conservation attention.

We will assess the population of the species, raise awareness to local community, and co-design conservation actions for the species in the region.

Partner: San Diego County Orchid Society

Period: 2023-ongoing

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