Pangolins are one of the most poached species in Nepal and worldwide. Out of the four species of pangolin found in Asia, two pangolin species (Indian pangolin and Chinese pangolins) are distributed across Nepal. As pangolins and people share the habitat, pangolin conservation depends on how people protect it in the wild habitat and safely rescue those that come to the human settlements. This is possible if people are well informed about the species and have the capacity to support pangolins. 

This project was initiated to enhance public engagement in pangolin conservation at policies and practice through national roundtable events and conservation awareness programs to inspire them to save pangolins. The project also aims to complete the data gap by collecting government officials’ historic poaching, seizure, and rescue records.

Moreover, the project will review all the pangolin-related laws, policy documents, and conservation action plans to prepare a policy brief on the pangolin. The results will be disseminated through peer-reviewed publications, the national level pangolin roundtable event, the production of animated videos covering pangolin conservation and deterrence, and broadcasting them through community radio stations across central Nepal.

Partners: Save Pangolins, IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group

Project period: 2021

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