Wildlife trade is an emerging threat in conservation. Many species are on the brink of extinction due to the ongoing exploitation and trade. Nepal-China highway is becoming a major trade route for wildlife and many local youths are involved in this, often unknowingly. There is a need for sensitization to prevent the local people to participate in the illegal wildlife trade and to protect wildlife species. The young generation could play a highly effective role in the conservation not supporting illegal trade and reporting of such incidents to enforcement. 

Greenhood Nepal, in support of the WWF Nepal, is coming up with a project called “Conservation School” to educate and inspire local young minds to play a strong role in avoiding wildlife trade at the local level in the Nepal-China border, Sindhupalchok. The project aims to bring together young people for familiarizing them with conservation issues and the development of leadership skills.

Partners: WWF Nepal

Project period: 2012

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