Critically endangered Chinese pangolin is on the verge of extinction amid its rampant poaching and habitat loss. The world is gearing up to save this species including the Nepal Government but still, we have limited knowledge about this elusive species and their threats at the local level.

Greenhood Nepal undertook a project to narrow down the knowledge gap about the habitat preference, distribution, and threats to pangolin in one of the strongholds, Kamala River Basin, Nepal. The Rufford foundation financially supported this project to capacitate local people and stakeholders in pangolin conservation, sensitize young minds in conservation activities and  to raise mass awareness about the pangolin to the community and the general public. The project was beneficial to explore the ecological behavior of pangolins. Local pangolin conservation committee and biodiversity conservation club were formed as a part of this project. Besides more than 400 people  have been directly sensitised through the conservation camps and a couple of opinion editorial articles have been published in the national daily supporting the project theme. 

This was a one year project beginning from July 2019, However, due to covid pandemic the project duration got delayed.

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