Sensitizing transportation workers in Araniko and Rasuwagadi highways

Greenhood Nepal with the support of WWF Hariyoban Program installed in total 18 hoarding boards and organized 10 workshops in different strategic locations of two highways connecting (Araniko highway and Rauwaghadi highway) to China.

These highways are considered as major routes of illegal transportation of the wildlife. Thus these program was to sensitize people about the importance of conservation and the rules and regulation associated with it.

Both hoarding boards installation and the workshops were conducted in coordination with the local stakeholders which involved transportation workers (driver, co-driver, passengers, transportation association representative), enforcement agency, local people, local leaders, Protected areas, DFO.

Transportation workers and the local people said that the images and the messages included in the hoarding boards are very knowledgeable. They added, the sensitization workshops were able to aware them about the importance of conserving wildlife and the rules and regulations about it.

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