Training on remote sensing and GIS completed at Greenhood Nepal

Greenhood Nepal has successfully conducted the training, Remote Sensing in GIS from 8 to 14 April. The main theme of this training was to provide hands-on practice of applying remote sensing in GIS platforms. The training was divided into two sessions of three days each.

In the first three days, participants were taught about processing satellite images. Downloading satellite images, doing radiometric and atmospheric correction and preparing composite images were the key highlights. In the second session of the training, imagery analysis was done from the composite imagery developed at the first session. In this part of the training, participants were taught to develop various indices from the satellite images. Vegetation Index, Water Index, Building Index were some key indices developed. Similarly, land use and land cover classification was the final part instructed in the training. This classification was done in two methods of supervised and unsupervised classifications along with validation techniques.

On the last day of the training all the activities were revised with some project works. Then a certificate of participation was distributed to each participant. One participant from Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Mr. Anish Ratna Shakya, was hopeful to apply the learning in various developments and planning of municipalities’  Other participant, Ms. Jamuna Prajapati was happy with the knowledge she got in the training and was willing to participate in upcoming trainings. Key resource person of the training was Mr. Kumod Lekhak who had experiences in research applications of remote sensing. The training was coordinated by Padam Bahadur Budha.

Stay tuned for upcoming training package.

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