Greenhood Research published in Conservation Science and Practice

The paper explores findings from 116 interviews conducted with people imprisoned for their involvement in the illegal wildlife trade. It has broad implications for how we think about and practice enforcement of conservation rules.

Scientific American, the United States oldest continuously published monthly magazine has also highlighted the research ‘To Stop Wildlife Crime- Conservationists Ask Why People Poach‘, Greenhood Co-Founder, Kumar Paudel has published an academic paper “Conservation enforcement: Insights from people incarcerated for wildlife crimes in Nepal” in collaboration with Lancaster University–conservation social scientist, Jacob Phelps, and criminologist, Gary Potter in the journal Conservation Science and Practice. It takes particular note of Paudel’s efforts to communicate the findings of his science to a public audience. As detailed in the article, Kumar collaborated with traditional musician, Prakash Gandharva, to develop songs that describe to listeners the risks and costs of participating in illegal wildlife trade.

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