Greenhood launched a conservation musical series, ‘Ban Ko Katha Bolchha Sarangi’

Greenhood Nepal has launched a conservation musical series called “Ban Ko Katha Bolchha Sarangi” to share the key findings and stories of wildlife conservation research to the local communities on 01 September 2019.

In the first series supported by WWF Nepal’s Hariyo Ban Program, we are covering the stories of those incarcerated in wildlife crime, with the aim of discouraging communities from engaging in wildlife poaching and trade. Kumar Paudel, Co-Founder of Greenhood Nepal has collected these stories visiting different prisons of Nepal in 2017 and 2018, while Dilu Gandharva has given the Sarangi music and voice to the stories. Kumar and Dilu are visiting communities around the key wildlife habitats in Central Nepal and performing these songs. It will be also broadcasted via radio stations across Nepal.

Stay tuned at#BanKoKatha for the social media release of the videos and songs. Your constructive suggestions and feedback will be appreciated.

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